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UX Basics - Elements of User Experience

We start the last fa webinar series of the year with the question: From abstract to concrete - What does a good user experience process look like?

As we have often noticed that many people are not familiar with the "5 Elements of User Experience" by J. J. Garrett, we would like to remind you of them once again. They are essential for the development of good digital products and services. Compressed knowledge in 30 minutes with user experience designer and co-founder of fa Chris Bleuel, on the question:

How do I ensure a good user experience? How do UX strategy and business goals intertwine and what levels must every successful digital project pass through during development?

Language: german

Date: Donnerstag, 02. November 2023      Uhrzeit: 17:30 - 18.00 Uhr
Fee: free

Location: remote - fa Zoom Link - wird an die Teailnehmer:innen versendent

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We look forward to your participation:

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