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We are experts in developing digital products and services.

Together we create outstanding user experiences! We develop digital products and services that deliver measurable results and improve people's lives.

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If a new digital application needs to be developed or an existing application needs to be revised in a user-centred way, fa is the partner of choice. Our customers benefit from our expertise in agile product development from day one of our collaboration.
The fa model , which has been tested and refined in hundreds of projects, is designed to adapt to the challenges of our project partners and at the same time implement successful digital applications. fa model is designed to adapt to our project partners' challenges while implementing successful digital applications.


Unser Prozess ist darauf ausgerichtet, herausragende digitale Lösungen für relevante Probleme zu entwickeln. Durch die leistungsstarke Methode der Design Sprints, entwickeln wir in kurzer Zeit innovative Lösungen und minimieren Risiken. Der Testing Sprint ermöglicht uns, strukturiert ein Produkt oder eine Funktion zu testen, um wertvolle Erkenntnisse für die weitere Entwicklung zu gewinnen. Dies führt zu einem tiefen Verständnis der Nutzerbedürfnisse, einer weiteren Minimierung von Risiken und einer klaren Ausrichtung auf kundenorientierte Lösungen.

Outstanding teamwork - it's great what has been achieved
achieved in a very short time.

Ralph Berns, Head of product portfolio/process management, service delivery model


Use Cases

In addition to international corporations and medium-sized companies from various industries, our customers also include organizations from the public sector, as well as start-ups and cultural institutions.

App development
mobile app


First social community platform for Swiss families for iOS and Android including Smart Home connection.

User Experience Design
software interfaces


New development of a call center software with on-demand access to all relevant information of the insured

vertragsmanager software
web applications


From the problem to the generation of ideas and prototyping to the successful MVP. Incoaid - the innovative anamnesis tool

velocopter app
VR, IA and prototyping


For the perfect flight experience, we  have developed a booking and information platform for the  air show in Singapore.

Customers become Partners

Examples of clients we accompany on the path to digital transformation.

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