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About Us

We are experienced UX designers and software developers, we are innovation and development partners. We believe that we can make a difference through our knowledge of digital products and services, thereby contributing to a regenerative economy and adaptable organizations.

We support and enable organizations to develop meaningful digital products and services.

​Unsere Leistungsangebot umfasst dabei die gesamte Palette des zeitgemäßen User Experience Design:

  • User Research: Tiefgehende Analyse der Bedürfnisse und Verhaltensweisen der Zielgruppe.

  • UX Strategie: Entwicklung von umfassenden UX-Strategien, die euer Geschäftsmodell unterstützen.

  • UX Design: Gestaltung ansprechender und intuitiver Benutzeroberflächen.

  • Prototyping & Testing: Erstellung von Prototypen und Durchführung von Usability-Tests zur Optimierung des Designs.

  • Entwicklung & Implementierung: Technische Umsetzung der Designlösungen auf Basis modernster Technologien durch unser Entwicklungsteam.

For more than 10 years we have been pioneers of a co-worker platform for digital transformation - a constantly evolving ecosystem of currently 292 experts. User experience designers, software developers and usability experts who can contribute their knowledge in a self-organized form with maximum added value.

fa in numbers - 2022

41 UX/UIExpert:Inside

6 mentors

9 UX researchers

12 years of experience

22 Software developers

53 projects per year

The fa Story

In 2010, in search of the perfect home for freelance UX designers, we came up with the idea of a network for experts who had similarly high expectations of the functionality and aesthetics of digital products. Inspired by the ideas of the sharing economy that were emerging around us in Berlin's Betahaus - one of the first co-working spaces in Germany - we founded the company "functional aesthetics" on 1 January 2011. Our goal was to maintain the freelance work we had grown fond of and at the same time create opportunities to realise the truly innovative projects. We were visited by the former Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, Minister Manuela Schwesig and State Secretary Yasmin Fahimi, with whom we discussed our fa model. In the following years, locations in Munich and Hamburg grew and we were given the opportunity to implement exciting projects for car companies, telecommunications companies and start-ups in Mumbai, New York and Beijing.

Today, we are pioneers of one of the first co-worker:in platforms and want to pass on the knowledge we have gained over the last 12 years. We want to develop digital products and services that put people at the centre. We want to use the opportunities of digitalisation to transform companies' business models - towards a circular and regenerative economy.


Our Initiatives and Partnerships

Every year we invest a not inconsiderable part of our profit in research and developmentof applications and tools for the development of regenerative business models.

You would like to become part of our co-working community - we look forward to seeing you!👋

You will be redirected directly to the login page of our Slack workspace for our freelancers.

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