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We are experts in developing digital products and services.

Together we create outstanding user experiences! We develop digital products and services that deliver measurable results and improve people's lives.

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Make innovative and sustainable mobility concepts tangible.

Dr. Jochen Walker, Geschäftsführer der spectrumK GmbH.

Prototyping is in our DNA and is an integral part of our agile way of working. This is the only way we can ensure that the funds made available to us lead to maximum added value in the shortest possible time.

Full of enthusiasm, we threw ourselves into the concept when we were invited by Volocopter - one of the most innovative mobility providers - to develop the mobile experience before, during and after the flight.

After developing concrete user stories, the three-person team with UX, UI and software skills developed the first applications to test them with potential users. In addition to functions such as booking or check-inincluding safety instructions, information on the pilot - since autonomous flying will not be possible in the shortest possible time - but also information on the route during the flight, or CO2 savings 🌱 have been integrated into the iOS application. 

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We are always open to exchange, to joint ideas and projects.
We look forward to your call, an email or a personal visit.

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Chris Bleuel
, Co-Founder and Managing Partner
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Chris Bleuel, Co-Founder und Managing Partner
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